The Parlor Company is an old fashioned line of products including handcrafted perfume, cologne, skincare & jewelry. Inspired by Victorian recipes, our line is 100% cruelty-free and made in small batches at our New England based workshop.

In 2010, we opened our first Etsy Store selling vintage wares and antiquities. Since then, we have expanded our collection of bespoke goods and have grown into what is now a sought after niche brand all over the world. Today, we are stocked by over 150 retailers nationwide. Our workshop is located in an old farmhouse in Maine where every product is made by hand, from start to finish

The Parlor Company's founder, Anna Adams, began creating perfumes over a decade ago after working in the cosmetics industry as a makeup artist as well as having a long history in jewelry design, photography and business. She was drawn to scents which could tell the story of an era gone by, particularly surrounding Victorian mourning rituals.

The Parlor Company is rooted in the the allure of what it still unknown, both in the paranormal and esoteric studies, and honors a death-positive point of view of our existence. Using intuition, storytelling, and nature, our products aim to evoke emotion as well as convey the traditions of those who went before us. Honoring our ancestors, we pay respect to the mystifying days of yesteryear. 

In Victorian times there was a deep intrigue into the spirit world and post-mortem practices were acknowledged by many, allowing those still in this realm to mourn and grieve for those who had passed on. Gathering in the parlor room, flowers and family came together at home to memorialize the dearly departed. So it is here that we draw inspiration for our company and product names. That and in the countless old graveyards & cemeteries we adore and devote our patronage.

We hope that The Parlor Company will conjoin both the new and old worlds, bringing a connection between you and something buried in time. When you purchase from our brand we want you to be taken back to an era that will never be forgotten: haunting, obscure & mysteriously beautiful.

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