Perfume Samples - 3ml
Perfume Samples - 3ml
Perfume Samples - 3ml
Perfume Samples - 3ml

Perfume Samples - 3ml

The Parlor Co

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Try any of The Parlor Company's lightweight eau de toilette perfume scents. Each arrives in a black spray vial with 3 ml of perfume.

A note about our perfumes:
Our perfume blends are handmade, and as such are not formulated to last like mainstream mass produced products. Our scents are delicate and thoughtfully formulated; intended to be reapplied ritually. Our gentle eau de perfumes will react with each individuals body chemistry and thus wear accordingly- please take note.


::{ Victorian Mourning } ::

GRAVE: The mourning scent of moist earth with the woodsy notes of patchouli, cedar, amber and pine. A fresh touch of rose petals evoke the scent of flowers left for the departed.

DARK VEIL: the aroma of fallen tears and your finest black attire. Mourning notes of melancholy vanilla musk, black cashmere, dark leather & myrrh evoke notes of wooden funeral pews and weeping silk.

CEMETERY: a damp stroll through a foggy graveyard with somber notes of rain-soaked petals, wild ivy and meadow grass. This mysterious fragrance pays its respects to those laid to rest with a layer of fresh rain filled air as you visit each headstone with the fresh cut grass beneath your feet.

OUR DARLING: a delicate fragrance which celebrates the beloved females of yesteryear. An affectionately floral bouquet of wild violets, rose and jasmine is softened by vanilla and white musk to create a soft & powdery fragrance.

CASKET: a delightful fragrance featuring notes of blooming tulips, english tea roses, purple hyacinth, exotic orchid and sweet lily of the valley. Fresh flowers laid upon a coffin evoke the memory of those of which have dearly departed.

FORGET ME NOT: a velvety soft floral blend of lavender & violet, woodsy notes of cedar & a touch of vanilla. Remember your dearly beloved near or far with this bewitching scent.

TIL' DEATH DO US PART: romanticizes mortal love with sensual notes of black rose, patchouli, orange zest, vanilla orchid and cinnamon leaf. A spicy & sweet floral scent which binds your soulmate eternally in ceremonial sanctity.

::{ Dark Magick Collection } ::

This deep scent evokes the spiritual realms both above and below. Seance is a mysterious blend of woodsy amber, spicy black pepper and a hint of exotic ylang ylang.

Spellbinding notes of trees and earth. Earthy patchouli and sandalwood is layered with a refreshing
blend of vetiver, leaves, black pepper, oakmoss & pine.

A tart blend of black pepper, white tea, bergamot & jasmine with a hint of apricot & fresh lemon.

A mysteriously old fashioned blend of sandalwood, peach, peony, basil & violet.

An aromatic blend of woodsy amber & redwood, spicy clove & saffron and a plume of smoke casts a magical spell.
and jasmine blended with warm notes of sandalwood, cardamom & a kiss of clove.

A fruity citrus blend of pink grapefruit, warm vanilla & a woodsy wink of spicy clove & rosewood.

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