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Embalmer's Fragrance Gift Set
Embalmer's Fragrance Gift Set
Embalmer's Fragrance Gift Set

Embalmer's Fragrance Gift Set

The Parlor Co

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The Parlor Company's Embalmer's Collection includes 5 unisex scents.

These memorial inspired samples are 3ml each, poured inside a plastic spray vial. Comes with a scent description card.

Arrives tucked inside a metal tin. Great for gift giving. Concentration: 15%. Wear time: 2-4 hours. Ingredients: Perfumers alcohol, fragrance oil.


Pays it respects to the dearly departed with the scent of old books, wooden funeral pews and holy water. Notes of citrus, cedar leaf, ivy, black pepper & sandalwood.


Transports you into the afterlife with the mourning scent of somber florals, fresh dirt & spicy notes of white pepper & saffron.


Inspired by the hard working men of the Victorian gold rush era, 1849 blends notes of charred wood, leather, tobacco, amber & vetiver.


Prepares your immortal corpse with the fresh scent of embalming fluid and the moist earth of a sacred burial. A clean which scent blends bergamot, fresh juniper, jasmine & mint.


Spellbinding notes of trees and earth. Earthy patchouli and sandalwood is layered with a refreshing blend of vetiver, leaves, black pepper, oakmoss & pine. This is formally known as our beloved bestseller FOREST.

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